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Message from the HASKEWS

Originally we committed to five years in Austria. As this initial term has passed, and we have decided to continue our work, we’ve sought counsel with an Austrian accountant to understand our tax obligations and future needs. In early 2014 the Austrian tax authorities notified us that we are required to pay income tax in Austria. We worked with them to establish a plan to fulfill our income tax obligations from 2009 to the present. 

While this wasn’t a complete surprise to us, the amounts compared to the US income tax system were quite large. We had been saving in anticipation for such a reply, and began to pay those tax obligations from those savings. But because the amounts were more than we anticipated, we have exhausted our savings for these taxes. We approached Memorial Road Church of Christ (MRCC) for help, and they agreed to help cover a portion of the remaining tax obligation and are making adjustments on how we are paid to help reduce the future tax burden. The Lord has provided graciously for our ongoing needs and so currently we need only one-time support to cover the costs of this burden. A breakdown of our one-time is below:


One-time Need = $10,325


If you can commit to supporting us monthly or yearly, please let us know. We can set you up with automatic, monthly ACH donations if necessary.

Of course, any one-time gifts are greatly appreciated. Use the button above or the links below. And we are looking for churches who are interested in partnering with us as well. Please send any contacts our way.


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