I planted the seed in your hearts, and Apollos watered it, but it was God who made it grow.
— 1 Corinthians 3:6

Sometimes we are called to plant. Sometimes we are called to water. Vienna needs both planters and waterers.


Our Mission

We believe that church is a community, and not just a building. We believe that church is a group who not only worship together, but live together, learn together, struggle together and rejoice together. Our goal is to introduce the people of Vienna to this concept, to show them a community of believers who love them and a God who does as well. This is done through outreach, relationship-building, living by example and walking with Austrians together toward Jesus.

Our Goals


  • To continue to mentor the church members and help them identify and use their spiritual gifts
  • To build upon our outreach programs and Bible studies to bring our contacts into the next phase of spiritual development
  • To reach more people in our community

Within 3 Years

  • Have a strong church with solid and consistent participation, local leadership and discipleship

Within 5 years

  • Multiply into at least 2 house churches, spread around the city

Planting and Watering

The life cycle of a mission field changes in its focus over time. At first, the goal is to plant: sowing seeds of relationships, making connections, getting to know the community and culture.

After 3-5 years, the focus shifts to watering: building on those existing relationships, providing long-term stability, continuing to share the Good News with those around you. Hopefully, a functioning and stable church has formed by this point.

The harvest stage doesn't have a timeline, because it's all up to God. All we can do is sow and water, and leave the rest in his hands.

Thanks to the efforts of the Vienna Team the past 7-10 years, a lot of seeds have already been sown. We have a healthy and functioning church just waiting to expand even further. Therefore the work has already morphed into part planting new ground, and part watering existing work. We will focus on both levels, maintaining and growing existing relationships within and without the church while beginning new ones.

And while we will plant and water, it will be God who does the harvesting.