We love Vienna, its people, and its church. Now is the time to go.


The Vienna Team

In 2007, a team of four families sponsored by Memorial Road Church of Christ traveled to Vienna, Austria to plant a church. With the help of existing churches in the city, they chose the 22nd district of Vienna as their initial outreach focus. Over the years, the church has grown to over 30 members with a healthy mix of Austrians and Americans, and the Vienna Team created a non-profit - Kreuzung - with which to establish a helpful and benevolent presence in the community with spiritual and outreach programs.

The Koois came as HIM workers in 2012. In 2013, the third of the original four families left, leaving just Jake and Amanda Haskew. In July of this year, the Koois officially joined the Haskews, forming a Vienna Team once again.



Why Vienna?

There is no city more strategically important to the continent of Europe than Vienna, Austria. It is a city of prominence, not merely because of its size, but because of its ideal position at the junction between the east and west trade route along the Danube River, and as the communication link between the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It is for this reason that many companies and corporations have placed their central-eastern European headquarters in Vienna—it is the bridge between eastern and western Europe. No city stands to make as large an impact upon Europe as does Vienna. The question for the church is whether or not the cultural impact of Vienna upon the world will also be a Godly impact.

The Future of the Austrian Church

While historically Catholic, Austria - like most of Western and Central Europe - is decidedly post-Christian today. Though a majority (about 64%) still claim Catholicism as their religious and spiritual heritage, Sunday church attendance is only at 9% and only 44% say they believe there is a God.

But the church is still there, and it is growing again. Play a part in us helping it grow.



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