We have been loving and ministering to Vienna since 2007. We know God isn't done here yet.

Our History

We met while attending Oklahoma Christian University at a meeting for Outreach, a campus mission organization. From that very moment, our lives and relationship was wound around mission work. From the inner city of Lubbock to the wheat fields of Saskatchewan and on to Europe, we knew our calling. God furthered that calling by guiding us to Vienna in September 2006.  



called to vienna

When we were approached to join a mission team to Vienna, Austria, we felt God been preparing us the entire time just for this. We joined the team of three other young couples/families and committed to a five-year plan of modeling a better way to the people we would meet in Vienna, Austria. We have now been in Vienna for 11 years. In that time a house church has been planted and various ministries started. We are proud of our successes, but we know that God still has many plans for this city.



our future plans

We see daily the blessings of God in our church and in our relationships with the people we meet here in Vienna. Our hearts' desire is to show our brothers and sisters here God's love and plan for them. This is why we signed on to stay longer than our initial 5-year commitment. We are currently helping disciple the church to be self supporting while continuing to grow our list of new contacts. Our plan is to continue planting house churches and help organize a pattern of planting, discipleship, and self sustainment and replication.


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