We moved to Vienna in May, 2012, and immediately fell in love with the city and its people.

Our History

We were married in March of 2011, after meeting on a mission trip to Ghana and repeating that trip the next year as a dating couple. Missions has always been a part of our relationship's DNA. Soon after getting married, we started looking for a mission field, an outlet for our desire to be a part of something important and further God's kingdom. God answered this prayer by calling us to Vienna, as part of the HIM (Helpers in Missions) program, a 2-year internship.



HIM Program

In May, 2012, we joined the existing Vienna Team as their helpers and interns. Our job was to assist the team in any way we could. For us, that meant taking responsibility for the many outreach programs the team had, as well as creating and running our own. We also integrated ourselves into the church, assisting with preaching, song leading, organizing, and getting to know and love the existing members. We also started a youth group, a Bible study for people our age, and worked on making the church a safe and welcoming place to be.



Why we wanted to go back

We realized pretty early in our internship that two years is much too short a time to accomplish anything long-term. We left in May, 2014, acknowledging that there is much more work to do. The church in Vienna has so much potential, so much unrealized growth, that we knew we had to go return to see it through. So our teammates (Jake and Amanda Haskew) asked us to join them full-time, and we accepted. Our sponsoring church (MRCC) hired us in July, 2014, and we came back to Vienna in December, 2014.


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